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Susan and I were in Seattle for a couple of days. We were blessed with a beautiful day to visit the zoo. It is regarded as one of the best in the country. We go to a lot of zoos and we totally agree with that assessment. It has great use of space, both for the animals and the people. It has a good balance in another way, too.

Some zoos I go to feel like a political rally. You are bombarded at every site with information on how humans are ruining the earth. I know we humans create problems for plants and animals (and other people), and I understand that a zoo has some responsibility to point this out in some ways. I’ve seen this done effectively. I remember a bird show at one zoo  in which a toucan had been trained to pick up a tin can and put it into a recycling bin. The point made by the trainer – “If you save a tin can, you save a toucan.” It was an entertaining, clear and memorable demonstration.

But sometimes I leave a zoo depressed, which I don’t think is a zoo’s purpose. A zoo should make me celebrate the variety of life in the Creation, inform me of how people are trying to make life better for the Creation and inspire me to join them in bettering our world. I do want to know about ways I can make life better. I don’t want to be hammered with methods designed to make me feel guilt or hounded with an agenda at every exhibit. I go to a zoo to see animals.

We were surprised at Seattle's Space Needlethe Seattle weather. We came prepared to expect the worst – long, dreary, drizzling days. The sky is often overcast and in the morning it was frequently misty, but most of the time we had fair to great weather. We spent all day out at the Seattle zoo, a morning on a walking tour of part of the city and other miscellaneous times walking around town, but never got the rain we were expecting. Granted, this is the beginning of summer, so it is more like a dry season here.

On the elevator down from the Space Needle, the elevator operator asked the group of us if we had any questions about the Space Needle or Seattle she could answer. One person commented, “I thought it always rained in Seattle?” ‘That’s just what we tell everyone, so no one else will move here,” she said.

Seattle from the Space Needle

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